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Day 1. #indexcardartproject

Inspiration from some of my favorite painters including; Gauguin, Cezanne, Monet, Pissarro, Hopper and so many others. Most of the subject matter will be landscapes and I am going to use a number of photographs from my brother Don Jiskra ‘s great Dutchess County, NY collection. I am always mesmerized by the beauty he captures of his surroundings. 

As I just started my first painting today I am a few days off from the rest of the group that has started, but that’s OK I am going at my own pace and will do as many as I can. On the back of each card I am putting a few notes, including the date, subject and what artists inspired me.

This will be a great way to practice more intentionally especially since I have some very large size projects upcoming. The small size of these cards makes you concentrate more on each stroke.

So No. 1 is done and I decided to do a winter scene since we are supposed to get more snow here in the Midwest today. These are my brothers boys running in the fields I believe behind their home when they were much younger than they are today.