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No. 8 “Dad’s Ghia”

In 1955, my father saw a picture in “Road & Track” of his dream car. At 24 years old, he walked into the only VW dealership in Chicago and ordered it. The owner of the dealership had never even heard of it. Six months later my father’s car arrived. It was the first Ghia on the Road America course. Dad put 72,000 miles on it in 3 years doing many races. He drove it to Mexico, Canada and Cali. The trip to Cali (from Chicago) cost him $40 for gas and he averaged 35 mph.  In 1959 he traded it for the newly released version and won 1st place at Wilmot.  This is “Dad’s Ghia” 1957,  Hill Climb - Janesville, Wisconsin.

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